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I’ve decided 2006 May 22

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Pre-Departure.

This is where I’m going to be blogging about my trip to Sweden. I’ll be spending one school year at Uppsala Universitet studying history and Scandinavian studies. Needless to say, it’s been quite an adventure already, but I’ve got plenty ahead of me.

Bear with me while I learn more about WordPress and can make this site not only an account of my travels, but a resource for others as well.



1. Nate - 2006 May 23

Looking forward to the future fun…

2. Erin Julian - 2006 May 23

Hi Jen,

Good luck with your trip to Sweden and I look forward to hearing about it! Thanks for the link on your blogroll.


3. Jason - 2006 May 23

I’ll be sure to visit here regularly!

4. Dad - 2006 May 23

I certainly hope you behave yourself and don’t cause too many international incidents!! Don’t forget “the rules”!!!

5. jasonwrites - 2006 June 22

International incidents? What exactly could be the reprecussions of Sweden ticking off the USA? We wouldn’t have the “freedom fries” debacle, but maybe IHOP would take Swedish pancakes off the menu? :-D

6. swedishfish - 2006 June 22

Oh, he means quite different international incidents… for example, considering my mum was not a US citizen when I was born, I’m an “international incident.”

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