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My Study Abroad Notebook 2006 May 23

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Helpful Hints, Pre-Departure.

When I started this study abroad process, I found myself a three-ring notebook in which I could put all of my important information that I’ll need to look at again. Although I have a different folder for important papers (that I won’t necessarily need for reference), it’s best to have a three-ring notebook with any important guides, maps, or phone numbers just for reference.

I’m also working on a system for a place to store my passport, copies of my birth certificate, and other evidence of United States citizenship as well as proof that I am able to live in Sweden. It will be essential to working out any problems that may arise when I live in Uppsala, as well as in the event of getting any services that require my personal information.

Some of the stuff in my notebook includes:

I’m also planning on adding other helpful resources such as important phone numbers (although they’re in my Essential Guide to Study Abroad, I would like a list that’s easier to access), bus and train schedules (either downloadable from the Internet or obtainable when I arrive), and copies of my visa and housing applications.



1. jasonwrites - 2006 June 22

Success is 99% preparation. Or something like that. Hey, do these boxes take HTML?

2. jasonwrites - 2006 June 22

I guess they do– now I’ll have to play with other tags ;-)

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