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Busy as a bee 2006 May 26

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Helpful Hints, Pre-Departure.

Today I found myself running around campus getting small tasks done for my trip to Sweden. I turned in my credit equivalencies form from the history department (I will get a ton of history finished!) and also got myself an International Student Identification Card.

One can obtain an ISIC at any STA Travel location.

I think the ISIC was a good idea. I’ll get some discounts and have another photo ID with me. The people at the agency were really nice and hopefully they’ll be able to find me a good flight. Nevertheless, I’ll probably look around quite a bit the next few days and hopefully have a ticket and a set plan by Wednesday.

Next up on my list: housing!



1. nascarnation - 2006 May 26

Who’s yer Daddy!?

2. swedishfish - 2006 May 28

Dad, seriously. Gah

3. evila - 2006 May 28

You’re going to have a great time in Sweden, and you seem really well perpared. And don’t take pictures when you’re driving, unless it’s super-awesome-cool and worth the risk of rolling the car seven times.

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