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Countdown: one month! 2006 July 17

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Pre-Departure.

One month from today, I will be on a plane to Stockholm after having stopped off in Manchester and Chicago en route. Now that there’s only a month left, and although I’m really excited, I’m more in a panic than anything else. I have so much to get done!

My biggest concerns right now include:

  • Clothes. Yes, clothes. I need to pick the right clothes to bring and have enough money for good clothes once winter hits.
  • Money. The biggest concen. Yeah, I’m on scholarship, but I had to pay some bills and I planned on trying to have a little more money, but that isn’t going to happen. Sometimes it’s hard to get hours at work, and paying for gas is totally killing my pocketbook.
  • Moving. I have so many things to get rid of. And moving back up to Greeley is going to be a pain, especially when I have so little space in my old room at my parents’ place.
  • Homesickness. I am definitely going to be homesick. I’m excited to go, but since I have an elderly grandfather and a great family here in Colorado, I’m nervous to leave them. I’m also going to miss my family in Chicago, though not seeing them for a year is not as rough; I usually see them a few times a year. Oh, and let’s not forget: I have a dog who will miss me more than you will believe.
  • Language. I have to study a LOT for my placement exam, and I’ve hardly started! I’m also nervous about having to speak Swedish every day and all the time.

There are other concerns, but I just have so much on my mind right now that it’s hard to really pin down what’s worrying me. Like I said, though, I’m excited. This will be incredible. And this month will go by in a hurry, that’s for sure.



1. heather - 2006 July 17

don’t worry too much, just enjoy your time there! :) swedish people dress really well, so perhaps you can bring less clothes and just buy them there. Though they might be abit expensive… :S

2. swedishfish - 2006 July 17

I’ve noticed that about Swedes, they really do dress well! I am bringing my best clothes, for sure.

3. middleeastcrisis - 2006 July 22

Hi Blogger,
I am collecting views of bloggers about the current crisis in the middle east. I wonder if you have a view and would care to share it with us.
many thanks

4. c.trinity - 2006 July 22

Wait to see how many good lookin’ people are there.
There are some girls there that they made me,as a woman,droool for them.Lmao!
And the parties…oh well….just wait and see!

5. Dad - 2006 July 25

Yes, you do have a great family…..especially your dad!!!

6. jasonwrites - 2006 August 13

Just being a foreigner shouldn’t make you a slave to fashion… ;-)

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