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Sending off my passport 2006 July 26

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Helpful Hints, Language, Pre-Departure.

Today I sent off my passport to the Consulate General of Sweden in Los Angeles. The instructions for getting this taken care of are not provided very well; I didn’t know that I needed to enclose a $17 money order for the cost of sending it back, nor did I know if I needed anything else enclosed (that is, until I called them to make sure I had everything straight). Just to be safe, I also printed a copy of my confirmation email from migrationsverket.se to go along with my money order, passport, and two passport-sized pictures.

I had been really worried about my visa application because the decision e-mail I received went into my bulk e-mail and was poorly translated in the first place. I had thought that Migrationsverket said they would not translate a decision at all, but apparently the decision was translated into English. The poor translation said that my application had been “proceeded” – which I first thought said “processed” – instead of “granted” or “allowed,” which is the proper translation of the word they use in their Swedish decision (att bevilja). It kind of irritated me. I also didn’t realize how quickly a response would come; it was most certainly less than six weeks.

I’m worried that they will be picky about the picture, but it looks pretty good according to these standards set forth by Migrationsverket. It’s important to get it all done in just one try, not playing hit-or-miss with sending it back a few times (and wasting that $17 every time).

I’m nervous with my passport in someone else’s hands. Let’s hope it gets back soon.



1. Michel - 2006 August 6

IYou have all your papers now . Have a good trip and a great stay In Swedden .
Love {v} Michel

2. justin - 2006 August 7

hey jen,

randomly stumbled on your blog. i just got back from a semester in stockholm, and i had an awesome time! you’re gonna have such a blast! uppsala is a pretty little college town, but it’s all about meeting new people. and it’s great that you’re learning swedish beforehand. hope everything goes smoothly!

lycka till,

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