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Terror threats and my flight 2006 August 11

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Pre-Departure, Travel.

Unless something changes (for the better) in the next five days, my plans for the flight to Sweden are going to be changed dramatically as the latest terrorist threats have prompted a large-scale change in security measures going through the UK.

The problem is that I stop in Manchester before I get to Sweden.

A few television analysts are acting like these new methods of security are going to last for at least a few days, but you never know whether or not these analysts are just milking the love of exaggeration or they’re serious about how intense this is.

One thing I can’t get over is how over-baked this coverage is. Serious issue? Yes. Have people actually died? No. Danger of some kind of terrorist attack happening? Certainly, like always. Yet this issue is being completely over-baked and is taking away too much time from the crisis in Lebanon. It’s incredibly how many times the news media have interviewed six or seven people who say the exact same thing: no liquids. No lotions, no gels. I don’t know how many times it should be repeated in a ten-minute span, but apparently the media have decided that it needs to be repeated a lot.

I’m a little irritated about having to re-pack and plan differently, but it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. It just adds a little to the stress factor. I’m not too optimistic that this will be cleared up by the time I fly, but that’s what I’m hoping.



1. Daniel - 2006 August 11

” is taking away too much time from the crisis in Lebanon”

There you have it. Weird timing huh? Coincidence?

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