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Who goes to Sweden and doesn’t stop at IKEA? 2006 September 3

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There is no such thing as a complete trip to Sweden without a visit to IKEA. No. Such. Thing.

IKEA, for those of you who aren’t terribly familiar with it, is a Swedish home furnishing retailer that specializes in cheap – yet functional – furniture. It was founded by Ingvar Kamprad, and the name IKEA stands for Invgar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd (you can read more at Wikipedia). There are all sorts of ideas behind it, going as deep as the foundations of modern Swedish society to as light as making a stylish life affordable. We were mostly just there for a little style and some meatballs!

After quite a bit of pondering about when we should go to IKEA, we finally picked a day and set off. I went with Christian, Kerstin, Timo and Katharina, all German students. We knew it was going to be a very fun trip.

Ingången (the entrance) to IKEA

IKEA in Uppsala is located in Boländerna, which is a two-bus journey (one has to switch buses in town to get there when coming from Flogsta), so I would highly recommend visiting by car as opposed to taking the bus. We commissioned Christian for the driving task, since none of us have cars ourselves. We figured it would be less of a hassle, anyways, having to carry things back. Christian thankfully obliged.

I had my eyes on a few specific things when I got to IKEA, but there was one thing I couldn’t resist checking out first: kitchens!

IKEA kitchen another IKEA kitchen
I can’t quite express in words to you how much I love kitchens.

IKEA kitchens are just the coolest. Of course, we spent a lot of time just hanging around and checking out all the various styles on display. It’s very fun going around and imagining what it would be like to have such an ‘IKEA’ living room, but as some of you have seen, I have a very ‘IKEA’ room here in Flogsta anyways!

We had a grand time picking out lots of little things that somehow become rather important, like desk holders and plastic kitchen wares. I managed to pick up the aforementioned items as well as a few essentials (to use the term loosely): a good pillow, a bottom sheet, and a bathroom trash can. I also found a cute light and a clock for my bedside table.

Between the five of us, we certainly filled up the back of Christian’s car:


All the essentials!

However, we hadn’t yet started with the real fun. After a few hours of sleep-deprived IKEA madness, we knew it was time to get something to eat. Where else to go but the IKEA restaurant?

food! köttbullar!
Left: (L-R) Me and Christian, Timo and Katharina; Right: köttbullar (meatballs)

We were actually quite satisfied with our meals. A few of us got the lax (salmon) while others got the köttbullar (meatballs, of course!). I definitely think it’s worth another trip before the year is over.

Goodbye IKEA! We had fun!



1. Jimmyroq - 2006 September 3

I usually do the exact opposite – visiting IKEA when I’m abroad. For example: in Hungary the prices are about the same as in Sweden, but the salaries just 1/3, so it’s more of a luxuary store there. In France, the meatballs were more spicy and tastier than in Sweden. Another highlight is to listen to when people try tro pronounce the product names (which all are in Swedish).

2. Mik (Easton) - 2006 September 3

And here I’ve been living all my life in Sweden and have only visited IKEA a few times. Isn’t that pretty ironic? Although the reason is probably because the nearest IKEA is pretty far away from here, plus I haven’t really had any reason to go there. But it’s still pretty ironic…

3. Daniel - 2006 September 4

The American people I know usually comment on the bookshelf called “Jerker”… maybe you didn’t see it.

4. Nathan - 2006 September 11

Go IKEA! I love their kitchens and some stuff is actually good quality too.

Now don’t go spending all that money of yours… :P

5. greenlightsabers - 2006 September 18

Lolz I live in Australia and I love IKEA. The restaurant there is awesome, I always order the meatballs. It tastes so good with the cranberry sauce.

6. Zach Malmgren - 2006 September 21

I went to IKEA today… would be the setting for the greatest horror flick ever.

7. Kath - 2006 October 8

Please oh please oh please ask IKEA to build a store in Denver. Me and all my Denver Blogger Buddies would be forever in your debt.

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