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Flogstaskriket 2006 September 11

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Corridor Living, Miscellaneous.

Every night, at 10:00 pm, there are screams.

And more screams. And more screams. It goes on for about five or ten minutes, and if you didn’t already know what was going on, it can be really, really confusing.

It’s the Flogstaskrik, or the Flogsta scream. It happens every night around 10:00 pm, and it starts with a few howls from a group of people who were likely watching the clock and eagerly anticipating the chance to scream their lungs out at nothing in particular. Then another building will answer, probably a group of people who were waiting for that initial scream. Before you know it, there are screams from every building, and in some places, the noise is nearly deafening.

Flogsta is a student housing center, so it’s not much of a bother to students. How others on neighboring streets feel, I don’t know, but I have heard that a few there, too, take part in the Flogsta scream.

Nobody knows for sure when it actually started, but there are a few good guesses:

  • Students in the 1970s were so frustrated with exams that they started screaming out the windows during exam weeks to get rid of their frustrations.
  • A few students in one of their courses read that there was a misunderstanding as to how prayers were offered when Uppsala was Christianized in the 12th century. So they decided to imitate this in Flogsta.
  • Others have said that this started when a student committed suicide by jumping off of one of the roofs in the 80s. So now people scream about it. (We’re not sure if someone was just being morbid in spreading around this one.)

So I have included for you all a sampling of the Flogsta scream:



1. Mattias - 2006 September 11

Hey Jen,

Haha I’ve never heard of this but it sounds like fun =) We’ll defintiely do some exchanges, I’ll send peanut butter and I’ll hope to get some swedish goodies back.

I’ve just toured the UCSD campus and I’m now waiting for a friend to show up. Until then I thought I’d go have some lunch and shoot off a couple of postcards. If I’ll send you one if I can find your address. If I don’t then well send it to me!

2. Matttt - 2006 September 13

Mmm, student urban legends! Surely the explanations involving the 70s and 80s are easily verifiable by asking someone attending Uppsala in the 60s!

3. Lauren Varner - 2006 September 13

That was really entertaining! I love your blog…glad you’re having so much fun!

4. kyle simonsen (crimsonninja!) - 2006 September 14

sounds like you are loving it so far, and no surprise. i knew you would.

i’m sure you are having a very busy year in sweden, but i was wondering if you would be interested in rendering translations of some of my poetry for a project i’m working on. if they get published, you’d get credit, of course.

if you can, drop me a line, let me know how you are and if you are interested.

5. Forklift - 2006 September 15

Why do I have a feeling alcohol was somehow involved in the genesis of this tradition?

6. Jen - 2006 September 20

we had the same scream in Stockholm too…except of course it had a different name. The Lappis scream (as lappis is the name of the student housing area I was in).

Hope you’re doing well!

7. Jen - 2006 September 20

OH..and we only screamed on Tuesday at 10pm…it wasn’t everyday.

I guess Uppsala is hardcore ;)

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