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Life at the Student Nations 2006 September 11

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Helpful Hints, Social Life.

At Uppsala Universitet, every student must join a student nation. The student nations are named after regions of Sweden, and Swedish students usually join the one that represents their background. However, for international students, we choose based on a whole other set of reasons!

Nations are basically places where students can congregate for activities and such. They were once looked down upon as promoting the more mischevious Those activities nowadays mostly consist of drinking, clubbing, and fika (conversation over a cup of coffee and a treat or two). There are also all kinds of clubs, choirs, and sports organizations at the nations. We spend anywhere from two to four nights at the nations, dancing sometimes but usually just socializing. I think that’s just because we’re international students and can get away with going out every other night.

clubbin at Snerikes oooh party at Värmlands
Left: (L-R) Ashley, Kerstin, Julia and Timo; Right: Uh, is that me? Um, not sure…

After some deliberation, I chose Värmlands nation. It was either that or Snerikes (Södermanlands-Nerikes), but since so many other exchange students I knew were joining Snerikes, I chose Värmlands. But as a member of a nation, you can go to any other nation’s activities, too.

One of the most fun parts of nation life is the gasques. A gasque (gask) is a formal dinner filled with three courses, plenty of drinking (snaps/schnapps, beer, wine), and lots of singing! I recently attended a run-through of what a gasque is like. We learned plenty of drinking songs, how to toast properly, and what the setup of your table looks like. It was a lot to remember, but as we were told by the organizers of the meeting, you might be too drunk by the end of the dinner to really know what you’re supposed to be doing. Nobody has any problem with that, anyways.

I’m attending my first gasque hopefully this weekend, if there are still spots available at the Reccegask at my nation. If not, I already have reservations to attend the International Gasque at Stockholms nation.



1. Dad - 2006 September 11

Sounds like a lot of drinking.

2. Zach Malmgren - 2006 September 21

Hmm. That’s an interesting social networking device. Never heard of or seen anything like it. Well I guess the obvious comparasion is UC Greeks but those people are fake, and a minority on campus; this sounds like it’s something all students do. Almost like harry potter, except you choose your house. Slytherin for me, plz

3. Kath - 2006 October 8

That will get you in shape for Drinking Liberally when you return to CO. Btw, there is a Boulder DL chapter that meets at Playa Azul every other Thursday :-)

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