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Working at Värmlands 2006 September 25

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Social Life.

On Friday I worked at my student nation, Värmlands nation. Fridays are Klubb 054, the one night a week we open up the dance floors and bars and turn the place into a big bumpin’ club. Work at the student nations is more about fun than it is about pay. Although I didn’t receive that much money for the time I worked that night, I got much more of an experience than I ever expected.

I arrived around 4:00pm to help set up for the night. The girl who runs the wardrobe (coat check) situation wasn’t there yet, but one of the kitchen managers (köksvärd) was there, Elsa. So I helped her cover the tables for dinner and get the placesettings ready. She conversed a lot with me in Swedish, which is a really good thing, because that sort of thing gives me more vocabulary for ordinary things that I might not have known before. I also met two other exchange students while helping set up, both from Italy.

When we all sat down to eat before the night got started, I met the two guys I’d be working with in wardrobe, Asif and Mobi. They’re from Pakistan and have been in Sweden for a year. They had worked wardrobe before, so they showed me the ropes, or at least the ropes they’d been taught before. I later found that there are many ways to operate wardrobe, and it’s a lot more entertaining yet complicated than it seems.

It was a great way to meet a lot of new people and see other people I’ve met so far, too. Since my nation wasn’t charging for wardrobe this time, we had a tip jar out (drix) and people tipped very generously. In fact, our tip surpassed our pay!
Possibly the hardest part of the night was cleaning up after the club closed. It’s hard because the night was already so busy, and then you’ve got to go clean bathrooms and mop up after. But they fed us after that, too!

That particular night there was an afterparty. The students who apparently usually work at the nation on Fridays went, and it was only Swedish students, so I spent a lot of the time listening hard to conversation so I could understand what was going on. We just hung out on the porch of the other building at our nation and conversed as the sun came up.

I can’t wait to work again at the nations, and I hope to get just as much from each experience as I did on Friday.



1. Amber - 2006 September 25

Wardrobe… coat check? Costumes? I’m a little lost :) But it sounded like a good time anyway! :)

2. swedishfish - 2006 September 25

Yep, coat check!

3. Amber - 2006 September 26

Did I totally misread that and you actually had “coat check” in there? I was tired. My mom says I’m special too. :)

4. swedishfish - 2006 September 26

No, I added it, in case anyone else was confused! :)

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