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Rainy days, an expensive night out, and familiar friends 2006 October 3

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Miscellaneous, Social Life.

It’s been rainy here in Uppsala for at least the last week, making for an interesting commute to town every day, through puddles and mud and the like. It’s a good thing I found a rain coat last week, and I think it’s the best purchase I’ve made the entire time here; it’s not very fun trying to balance an umbrella while riding a bike, and being soaked all the way through anyways. I’ve been told by my corridor mates that the weather will be like this up until early December, when the snow arrives at full force.

Up until Saturday, I had only run into one friend who had studied in Colorado as an exchange student from Uppsala. I had been keeping in contact with my friend Peter, who had studied at CU last year, so it wasn’t a surprise that we’ve been able to be in contact since I’ve gotten here. However, there are students from past years from Uppsala with whom I became friends, and I hadn’t seen any of them at all. That is, until Saturday.

Saturday was full of a few unexpected occurences, good and bad. Fellow Coloradoan Bergin and I went out to Norrlands with our new friend and co-worker David, a German guy who has been living in Sweden for the last four years. We were planning on seeing Eskobar play live, but even though we paid for a ticket (a whole 120 SEK – almost $20 US! Cheap for a concert but expensive for just cover!), we ended up having to wait to get in by order of the ordningsvakt (security) because the place was too crowded. After numerous tries to get in, we ended up not even seeing the show! We’re going to try and get our money back this week, but anyway, we weren’t very happy and decided to try and enjoy the night even though the concert was a bust.

But Saturday ended up being pretty good regardless of the concert. While waiting around at Norrlands, my eye caught the sight of a familiar person: my friend Adam who had studied in Colorado a few years ago! It was really bizarre; it was as if the last time I’d seen him was just yesterday. I recognized him instantly and wasn’t afraid to go up to him and say hi. We exchanged hugs and phone numbers so that we can get the entire group back together again sometime soon.

It got even more bizarre today. While coming back to Flogsta from my exam at Gimogatan (more details about that adventure later), I saw another 2004-05 Uppsala student, Andreas, out for a run. What are the chances of that? I recognized him quite easily just as I had with Adam and we exchanged contact information. It’ll be great to get all of the group from 2004-05 together again, because it was a blast.

I’m still hoping to see a few of the others from that year. It would be nice; that was a great year for international students at CU with all of the big events, parties, and so forth, and I’m sure everyone has some great memories of the year. Hopefully this will be the same for those of us in Uppsala!



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