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Corridor living: kitchen duties 2006 October 17

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Corridor Living, Helpful Hints, Home vs. Sweden.

“Kitchen duties” is a nice way to put it. In my hall, we call it something else:

kitchen bitch
That’s right. We make no politically-correct apologies.

Yeah, I was Kitchen Bitch this week. It entailed putting away dishes that were on the drying rack, taking out trash and recycling, and mopping and sweeping the floor at the end of the week. It’s really not that strenuous work at all, but taking out the trash is really disgusting – you’re emptying what twelve people are leaving in the trash cans.

Ah yes, the joys of cleaning!

Recycling in Sweden can get pretty hardcore. There’s compost, metal, cartons, plastic cartons, glass, batteries, and burnable (everything else). It reminds me of Boulder because recycling is pretty big there, too, but the sorting is mostly done on the consumers’ end, not once it gets to the recycling plant (like in Boulder). It’s pretty neat that people are very concerned about stuff like that, though.

my corridor kitchen
Left: the common space in my corridor, where we watch crap tv on the government channels. Right: the kitchen, which is pretty much always clean – we’re an awesome corridor!

Most of the recyclable items can be left in a large trash/recycling room in the building. The rest – like the plastic bottles and aluminium cans in which sodas come – can be taken to the grocery store for “pant,” a refund of small amounts of change (1 kr for .5 liter plastic bottles, 50 öre for cans, 4-5 kr for larger plastic bottles).

All in all, being Kitchen Bitch is not as difficult if you’ve got a corridor that largely cleans after itself. I’m hoping that this remains true throughout the rest of the term and into the next, as it’s pretty nice having the cleanest corridor in Flogsta.



1. Daniel - 2006 October 17

It must be nice to live in a corridor where people are mindful of their fellow mates. *sighs longingly* I’m “kitchen bitch” next week. *dreads*

2. Editor B - 2006 October 17

I lived in Sweden for a year myself, back in the 1980s, and I remember being impressed at how little garbage we actually had once we separated out all the recyclables. I don’t think my town in Indiana started curbside recycling pickup until many years later.

3. Dad - 2006 October 17

“Kitchen bitch…..you poor baby!!!” Changing your diapers was no walk in the park! Where’s my whine?? Waaaaaaaaa!!

4. Florian - 2006 October 25

Hej Jen, it’s Florian, the French guy (International gasque) that actually lives in the corridor right above yours.
In my corridor, we are “kitchen guards”, not “kitchen bitches”.
But we may have one of the dirtiest kitchens in Flogsta, that’s for sure.
I don’t know how it is possible to be like us, it’s really a pitty.

Oh, and the cruise to Tallin (you were supposed to be in my cabin originally) was awesome (though rainy).

Puss och Kram,

5. Anders - 2006 December 8

How about a competition regarding the dirtiest flogsta kitchen?
The price; cleaning

6. Back from holiday « A Year in Sweden - 2007 January 11

[…] Things like cleaning my room (a never-ending chore), laundry, and finishing papers. I’m also kitchen bitch this week. Those sort of things that are easy to put off, and I told myself I can’t do much […]

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