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Mail from home 2006 November 16

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One of the great joys of studying abroad is getting packages from home, and it manages to be somewhat pf an ambivalent thing; whereas one misses home quite a bit, it’s always nice to get a little bit of home while being away.

My aunt Jean has been sending me some cute cards, and I’ve really appreciated that. I’ve gotten once package from home before, too, which I sorely needed at the time; it included a few of my jackets! But it had been a little while since that last package, so I was looking forward to the next one.

I received a great package from home just the other day, and felt that it was momentous enough to document:

Stuff from home! Here was the bad boy. Packages usually get left at Skolgatan, apparently, although I was originally told that packages not small enough to fit in mailboxes were taken to the ICA Väst just behind Sernanders väg. One takes the slip that gets left in the mailbox and takes it to the listed location. There’s a little barcode on it and they just scan it and get it all marked up in the system (or something like that). Since I never know how big or small the boxes that come to me are going to be, I usually take the bus to go pick them up. It seems to take ten days, regardless of what USPS says, to get here to Sweden.

I had an idea of most of what was going to be in the package, but the anticipation of opening something from home was enough to keep me excited.



The Halloween Blizzard 2006 November 16

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It’s kind of a Colorado thing. Ya know, that Halloween brings the first snow.

But in Uppsala this year, Halloween also signaled the first snow, and a heck of a blizzard it was. The snow really didn’t build up until the day after, but the flakes were flying and it was feelin’ a little chilly out.

It was madness once the snow came. Busses were sliding all over the place and were constantly running late. Of course, nobody wanted to ride their bicycles nor did walking sound very appealing. The snow was blowing horizontally and visibility was ridiculously low. There were a lot of sirens that first day of snow!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take my own pictures of the first snow. I’m disappointed in myself because I’ve always enjoyed the first snow. I usually get tired of snow after a while (especially when there’s nothing you can do with it, that is, for example, we don’t have mountains here!), but the first snow is always amazing.

Here are some pictures that my friend Mike took:

snooowwww more snow!
You know you want to live in Sweden!

It isn’t snowing right now and it hasn’t snowed significantly since, but it might soon. It’s been unseasonably warm (it’s 4° C at the moment), so I’m not sure when the rain will stop and the snow will begin – for real.


Season’s first snow in Uppsala 2006 November 1

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The first snow of the season began to fall yesterday, the last day of October. It was Halloween in the United States, and we were celebrating it anyhow.

As for the snow, I’ll take pictures tomorrow when it’s light out. I don’t know why, and it’s not like you don’t all know what snow looks like, but there is something neat about the first snow of the year.

And I carved a pumpkin last night! It was pretty neat. I’ll snap a picture of it, too. I named the pumpkin Harald, after King Harald III of Norway. What can I say? I’ve been reading a lot of history lately.

Anyhow, much to come quite soon! I’ve been rather busy, so I’ve got some catching up to do.