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The Halloween Blizzard 2006 November 16

Posted by @jennyjenjen in American Holidays, Transportation, Weather.

It’s kind of a Colorado thing. Ya know, that Halloween brings the first snow.

But in Uppsala this year, Halloween also signaled the first snow, and a heck of a blizzard it was. The snow really didn’t build up until the day after, but the flakes were flying and it was feelin’ a little chilly out.

It was madness once the snow came. Busses were sliding all over the place and were constantly running late. Of course, nobody wanted to ride their bicycles nor did walking sound very appealing. The snow was blowing horizontally and visibility was ridiculously low. There were a lot of sirens that first day of snow!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take my own pictures of the first snow. I’m disappointed in myself because I’ve always enjoyed the first snow. I usually get tired of snow after a while (especially when there’s nothing you can do with it, that is, for example, we don’t have mountains here!), but the first snow is always amazing.

Here are some pictures that my friend Mike took:

snooowwww more snow!
You know you want to live in Sweden!

It isn’t snowing right now and it hasn’t snowed significantly since, but it might soon. It’s been unseasonably warm (it’s 4° C at the moment), so I’m not sure when the rain will stop and the snow will begin – for real.

As I promised, here are some pictures of my pumpkin Harald, whom I named after King Harald III of Norway because I’m a smartass and I’m enjoying learning about Scandinavian history.

I had a good time carving Harald!

Harald again Harald!
A few more shots

I carved my pumpkin along with a bunch of other people over at Ashley’s place. Ashley took some video of us carving the pumpkins and enjoying ourselves. You can find the entry here.

We later went out to Snerikes nation and enjoyed the party. Most of us didn’t dress up, but there were plenty of people who did. We managed to see Fidel Castro, Leonardo (of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fame), and Superman. Fidel looked a little too healthy, though…



1. jasonwrites - 2006 November 20

It actually didn’t snow on Halloween this time, although there was a significant dumping two weeks before. Not enough to close schools in Jeffco, though… (grumble). I never really get tired of the white stuff after having grown up in Georgia, but it can be a pain sometimes. Winters here are still nothing compared to the Midwest. Or Sweden, I would imagine.

2. jasonwrites - 2006 November 20

P.S. Harald is delightfully creepy ;-)

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