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Mail from home 2006 November 16

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Helpful Hints, Home vs. Sweden.

One of the great joys of studying abroad is getting packages from home, and it manages to be somewhat pf an ambivalent thing; whereas one misses home quite a bit, it’s always nice to get a little bit of home while being away.

My aunt Jean has been sending me some cute cards, and I’ve really appreciated that. I’ve gotten once package from home before, too, which I sorely needed at the time; it included a few of my jackets! But it had been a little while since that last package, so I was looking forward to the next one.

I received a great package from home just the other day, and felt that it was momentous enough to document:

Stuff from home! Here was the bad boy. Packages usually get left at Skolgatan, apparently, although I was originally told that packages not small enough to fit in mailboxes were taken to the ICA Väst just behind Sernanders väg. One takes the slip that gets left in the mailbox and takes it to the listed location. There’s a little barcode on it and they just scan it and get it all marked up in the system (or something like that). Since I never know how big or small the boxes that come to me are going to be, I usually take the bus to go pick them up. It seems to take ten days, regardless of what USPS says, to get here to Sweden.

I had an idea of most of what was going to be in the package, but the anticipation of opening something from home was enough to keep me excited.

Stufffff! John Common stuff!
Left: So far, so good! Didn’t cut anything open and it appeared that everything got here okay. Right: John Common stuff! Yesss! I’ve been waiting for this CD for a while. I highly recommend John’s music. Check him out at his official website or on his MySpace. Visit Free School Records to purchase. He’s a Denver artist, so, be the cool kid and support local music!

Perhaps the coolest thing that my mom included was the thing my corridor mates have been teasing me about: peanut butter. Yes, it’s stereotypically American. But it’s good stuff, and it’s kind of expensive here. My mother was going to send a package anyways, so I asked her to include some. I haven’t been able to find anything bigger than a teeny-tiny little jar, anyways, so I think this jar will last me a while.

The best generic peanut butter out there
Yum! Peanut butter!

Dad was awesome enough to include a winter necessity whether in Colorado or in Sweden: a down vest. I stole this down vest from him a long time ago (actually, Mom was going to get rid of it and she asked me if I wanted it, so I nabbed it! Ha!). It’s probably my favorite piece of winter wear and definitely the most comfortable.

Last but not least, the note from Mom. She always left me notes in my lunch the first day of school, or just when she felt like it. The rest of the package included some of my mail and stuff only a mother would send.

My down vest! It's going on my wall!
Left: my awesome down vest! It’s from the ’70s, baby! Right: Note from Mom. And Magoo!

Of course, I had to make myself a peanut butter sandwich. It wouldn’t be the same without that good bread mom gets at King Soopers, and without grape jelly, but that’s fine! My corridor mates looked on (still making fun of me) while I put together a PB&J sandwich.

PB & J, baby oh yeah! YUMMM!
All the steps to making a great PB & J sandwich!

I really do appreciate anything anyone sends me. If you want to exchange something – say, Swedish candy for something American – let me know! Also, if you’d like to get a postcard from me, get in touch with me and I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks Mom and Dad for sending me all this!



1. Kath - 2006 November 18

Yay on the John Common CD! Next time I see him in concert will take pix and post them on my Flickr so you can see them.

2. jasonwrites - 2006 November 20

OK… I’ll get to mailing. We’re going to see Barenaked Ladies at Magness Arena this Tuesday. I’ll see what we can sneak…

Surprised you haven’t said anything about the elections. But being far away will do that…

3. coming to uppsala in fall - 2006 November 21

I am going to uppasala too next year and i am kind of nervous. i love your BLOG because it gives me so much hope. thanks for posting this stuff…its also very pretty, it has many pictures and it is so organized.
hope ur having fun!

4. Dad - 2006 December 6

Who’s awesome down vest? What’s wrong with the 70s…or the 60s for that matter?

5. swedishfish - 2006 December 6

WHOSE! Grammar, son!

6. Anders - 2006 December 8

Hi! You should really go to the Spring Ball in april (on all nations) if you stick around until then. Plenty of time to find a long dress :)

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