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Bringing Thanksgiving to Flogsta 2006 December 11

Posted by @jennyjenjen in American Holidays, Food & Drink, Home vs. Sweden, I miss..., Social Life.

Ashley, Bergin and I first started thinking about Thanksgiving in August. We were settled down at Djurgården for our first trip to Stockholm when we sat down to have a beer and talk about home. We talked about getting a turkey, making mashed potatoes, rolling out dish after dish of casserole and watching some American football. It came up every once in a while, especially when we were homesick. It seemed like it might not have happened with all the crazy schedules and the troubles we’d heard others mention about getting hold of a full-sized, whole turkey.

Luckily, our dreams somehow became reality with the help of Ashley’s practiced turkey-cooking skills and our combined efforts with some fellow Americans, a few Canadians and a handful of Swedes. There were at least a dozen attendees! We made mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (thanks Mom for the recipe!), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, you name it! The only thing that was missing was cranberry sauce, but that’s okay. We had a great meal anyhow. Ashley’s turkey was spectacular and she did a wonderful job organizing the whole dinner, not to mention cleaning up her corridor for it.

Thanksgiving #3
Looking down the table at a successful Thanksgiving

We also had some drinking songs (like “Helan går”) to accompany the masses of alcohol we had. There were at least half a dozen bottles of red wine, a bottle of funny Australian white wine (with a kangaroo on it!), a bottle and a half of Bailey’s, some Absolut peach, and some snaps (it was peach, too, and really girlie). We also tried this strange Estonian punsch, but that was pretty good, too. It was a heck of a night. We ended up having too much fun as a group and didn’t make it to the football, but that’s fine.

Even though we Americans were slightly homesick, it was absolutely incredible to a group of people from all over together over some good food. It was the first Thanksgiving for a lot of the people there, and it was our pleasure to bring something we enjoy so much to our new friends here in Uppsala. We Americans managed to make an impression on the foreigners and let them know that, yes, we are cultured, and here’s some of it! But overall, what made is a success is that we all had fun and had a truly good time to fill that hole of missing home.

Thanksgiving dinner #1 Thanksgiving #2
Left: Peter, me, and Seb during dinner; Right: Katie, Peter, me and Seb



1. Florian - 2006 December 11

Hej Jen, it’s Florian, from upstairs !
Just for your information, in the last picture (the one on the right), the name of the girl on the left is Katie (or Kate), not Ashley.
But I’m sure it was just a typo :)

Ha det bra
Zidane (aka Florian)

2. swedishfish - 2006 December 12

Oops, thanks for noting that! I knew that ;) I just drank a few beers with Katie tonight!

3. Daniel - 2006 December 12

This is getting weirder and weirder. Florian, is that you? You know Katie too!? I’m just surpised I haven’t run into the proprietor of this fine blog yet. I’ve seen Jesper lurking in some blog posts too… Is that Luam’s hair I see in the back? It’s a small Uppsala.

Looks like you guys had a great time!

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