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Flying RyanAir 2006 December 20

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One of the great things about my plan to spend the year here in Sweden was that my family planned on meeting me in France to spend the holidays. Upon first consideration, it was a good idea considering I would be able to share some of my travels with my family. It would also make the entire year a little easier for me; I would see my family and have an escape from Sweden for a little while, but I would not suffer some extra detachment from home upon return from Colorado had I decided to just go home for the holidays.

Sometime in the fall, I booked my flights with RyanAir. Though it’s possible to get flights with RyanAir for only a few cents plus $25 or so in fees, I took a flight that cost roughly 1,000 SEK or about $130. That included my one-bag allowance for checked items.

I’d heard a lot about RyanAir in terms of it being somewhat of a flying cattle car. It was my first experience with RyanAir, so I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to the flight. It turned out that, yes, it felt a bit stuffy and crowded in the plane, but the flight experience itself was not too terrible. There was one pretty dreadful landing, but everyone was safe so no harm done. There were no free refreshments, but what usually comes free on a plane (chips, soda) were not terribly expensive.

The only problem with RyanAir is that they fly to airports that are usually far outside the metro. The Stockholm flight with RyanAir is at Skavsta airport in Nyköping, which took me roughly three hours and two busses to get to. I took Swebus from Uppsala to Stockholm Cityterminalen (57 kr with student discount), and Flygbussarna from Cityterminalen to Skavsta (199 kr for a round-trip ticket). All of that extra travelling adds cost to the trip, and probably evens out the cost of traveling with a different carrier and going right into the cities. Not to mention the fact that, when I packed to go to France, I thought that the baggage limit was 20 kilos. In fact, it was 15 kilos, and I paid roughly 80 crowns/8 Euros for every extra kilo. Oh, and they round up. That really pissed me off when I paid a full 8 Euro for three-tenths of a kilo. But what’s eight more when you’ve already paid for… well… a lot?

The crews were very nice with RyanAir. They treat you a lot nicer than cattle would normally be treated, so I’m all right with that. I suppose they would have to even nicer than flight crews usually are, considering most people aren’t terribly excited to get on a RyanAir flight. Having to pay for refreshments in a stuffy little cabin? Lots of screaming little kids? Having to deal with the hassle of not just flying in general, but the trains, busses and other travel from the airport to destination? That’s what you get in return for paying a lower price with RyanAir.

The most impressive part was that, when our plane arrived at the gate late, it didn’t take them very long to get it ready for us to get going. We boarded the plane just a little late and actually ended up landing ten minutes ahead of schedule.

All in all, as a broke student, it wasn’t a bad way to save a little money on a flight. And, being a student and not really having the room to be picky, I was satisfied as long as I could relax and crank up the iPod, which is just what I did.



1. pirano - 2007 January 25

Yup, that’s the trick with many of these cheap airlines. Like RyanAir, many come/go from tiny regional airports, far from where you actually want to go. That, coupled with odd or extremely inconvenient departure/arrival times and extremely quick turnaround, is why they’re so cheap. They nickel and dime you to death on board, so bring your own water and a snack (if you feel you need one). Enjoy!

2. Targenor - 2011 February 15

If i may go apart from the post regaring ryanair, did you like your visit in Sweden?

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