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Christmas Break, Day 2: Paris & le Métro 2006 December 21

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After a good night’s sleep, we spent the next day figuring out what we would do the rest of the week in the apartment on Rue du Chemin Vert. We also spent a few hours walking around the outskirts of Paris for a quick appointment. I had the address and spent the a little time the night before figuring out which stop we needed to take on le Métro.

I’ve got to say that one of my favorite things about Paris is le Métro.

le Métro
One of the infamous signs for the metro.

The Parisian underground is definitely the best way to travel in Paris. It’s quite nice to go on foot most places, but impossible to get across more than one quarter in a timely manner. It’s definitely worth figuring out which metro plan is best for you when you visit; should you get separate tickets, or perhaps a pass? When we first came to Paris, we bought the Paris Visite card for one day. This time, we bought the five-day tickets. Since my parents and brother arrived before I did, they had already bought one day; but my father went and bought me one the day after I arrived. It was a great deal and we didn’t have to use any other mode of transport getting around the city. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I have read that if you are within the Paris city limits then you are never more than 1,000 meters away from a metro stop at any given time.

le Opéra Bastille
Le Opéra Bastille

This is the relatively new, modern opera house at Bastille. A lot of French people I’ve talked to aren’t that fond of it. I think it’s okay, but I’d agree that it doesn’t really work with a lot of the beautiful architecture around Paris, especially at this location. It seems rather awkward there.

We didn’t really do more than wander around and look at shops that evening. It was a good idea because we oriented ourselves a little more around the city, since the day before was a lot more about catching up, resting from the flights and getting some food. It’s really just fun to walk around Paris, too, and that in itself is a pretty good activity in Paris after having already seen most of the touristy type of things like we did when we first went to Paris. Afterall, we were going to do more ahead in the week. The second night was perfect for a good night’s sleep, because the next day would be big!

See my Flickr photos from my second day of break!



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