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Back from holiday 2007 January 11

Posted by @jennyjenjen in American Holidays, Miscellaneous, Travel, Weather.

So, everyone keeps asking me where my posts and pictures from France and Spain are!

I’ve got them, and I’ve got plenty to say, but I haven’t posted anything yet for two reasons: one, it’s time-consuming; and two, I’m kind of lazy coming off of holiday.

All right, and I’ve got other things to do. Things like cleaning my room (a never-ending chore), laundry, and finishing papers. I’m also kitchen bitch this week. Those sort of things that are easy to put off, and I told myself I can’t do much else until I’ve gotten that finished wth. Yet, here I am, typing away on the computer…

I will say this, though: it was absolutely magnificent to see the sun so high up in the sky for so many days in a row. There were a few overcast and rainy days in France, even some foggy and icy ones too (when we were in Bourgogne), but overall, I got more sun there than I’ve gotten in a while. Not to mention the 18-degree (Celsius!) weather we had on the coast in Coulliere, near Perpignan. It was fantastic!

Anyhow, it actually started to snow here in Uppsala last night, and it’s nice to see some of the white stuff on the ground (regardless of my feelings about warm weather). It’s been unseasonably warm here in Sweden, as well as throughout most of Europe, and it’s a bit troubling to think what kind of damage we as humans are doing to the planet. Supposedly some NPR meteorologist said that it’s just Mother Nature’s roll-of-the-dice approach at climate control. Not El Niño, not global warming, none of that! But I’ve got little to no expertise in the field besides a few courses from the weather & atmosphere department.

Anyhow, when I’ve got my ducks in a row and I’ve scraped the date stamps off of some of my vacation pictures (cough!), I’ll start posting those. Then I’ll get to work on some entries that are certainly more entertaining than opening my mail step-by-step.



1. jasonwrites - 2007 January 14

Well, you’re still doing better than me as far as writing quantity and frequency. On another note, did I mention I’m incredibly jealous of your travels?

My students in Geography will be studying Europe for the next six weeks. I’ll think of you. =)

2. Dad - 2007 January 18

What kind of an idiot would put date stamps on vacation pictures??!?

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