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Don’t make me leave! 2007 March 12

Posted by @jennyjenjen in Miscellaneous.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been pretty busy; I have three courses at once, so I spent a lot of my time reading and attending class. I will be going to London at the end of this month and Helsinki sometime next month. Before I leave Europe, I probably will have spent a few days in Berlin.

I’m working on the Paris series and I have decided that I am going to back-date all of my posts; everything about France will be posted under the date it actually happened, or if I summarize it’ll take place after those several days. It makes it easier to get through everything, and I’ll just write a summary of the entire trip in one post.

I am enjoying my time here so much that I have discovered I don’t want to leave. I have definitely settled in here; I’ve figured out what I like about Sweden, what I definitely do not like about the United States and what at home I can live without. I know it will be nice to get back home and see my family and friends, but I will have left a lot here that I intend to return to at some point.

Of course, I hate thinking about that already. I know I’ve got three months left here and I’m going to make the best of it.



1. auguste - 2007 March 13

so what are the things you like and dislike then=)!

2. r - 2007 June 11

cute…as an american who owns a house here in sweden….i find your honeymoon swedish life very cute….de svenskar ar sa tontig efter nagra ar! lita pa mig….


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