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Nu är det sommar 2007 June 7

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It’s definitely summer in Sweden.

In mid-May, we were hoping that summer had finally arrived. Unfortunately, it hadn’t; there was nearly a week of rain and wind and the sun seemed to be teasing us. But as soon as June arrived, so did summer.

That’s part of the reason I haven’t been blogging much lately. The other reason is that my computer is basically out of commission and I am using Ashley’s computer. It had been so difficult to keep it on power for a while, so I just didn’t use it as much. Now it’s just sitting on my bookshelf since it pretty much can’t be fixed until I get it home and get my father to look at it. Good thing he works with computers!

Unfortunately, that means very few – if any – photos for a while. I’ll probably be writing without them, though, as I will be in Sweden for two more weeks with not as much to do. I have some school assignments still left, but everything should turn out well (I hope).

Yesterday was the Swedish national day. It’s not really celebrated that much, actually. Everything is closed and people spend their time leisurely. I didn’t, though; I was part of the crew that cleaned the nation, and spent something like 9 hours cleaning. We managed to get some time in the sun, though, as lunch was on the lawn across from the nation and we had pizza. It was nice, really.

Sadly, though, most of my best friends have left. The Frenchies and my neighbor Cecilia have all left, and a few more will leave this weekend. I’m trying to relax and enjoy the rest of my time with them.

I’ll be here only two more weeks. After that, it’s off to Dublin for a short vacation, followed by a week in Chicago. I’ll be home in Colorado before July. It’s gone too fast, that’s for sure.


Julgask at Värmlands 2006 December 20

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I made it to my third and final gasque of the term with a julgask (Christmas gasque) at my nation, Värmlands, on 2 December. I had unfortunately forgotten my song book and was upset at myself for that, because it’s tradition to write in each others’ song books (and as I discovered at this gasque, it’s also tradition to bite each others’ songbooks!). That’s okay, though, I had a program for my table neighbors to sign.

This was my place-setting! It’s a pepparkaka (a gingerbread cookie, except Swedish gingerbread is thinner).

This gasque was a little different from some of the other gasques in that it was a julbord. A julbord (literal translation: Christmas table) is like a smörgåsbord (literal translation: sandwich table), except that it’s designed especially for Christmas. Amongst many other goods, we had plenty of lax (salmon), inlagd sill (pickled herring; not to be confused with surströmming, which is fermented Baltic herring!), julskinka (Christmas ham), knäckebröd (a hard, typically square bread), and leverpastej (liver pâté).

Left: me and Sebbie! We were tablemates!; Right: Kalle and Andreas