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You can contact me at: yearinsweden[at]gmail[dot]com



1. jasonwrites - 2006 June 22

So, I thought you could use a comment here, eh? =)

2. Sam - 2006 June 22

I would like to introduce Tripmates (www.tripmates.com)– the first truly interactive social network for travelers.

Whether you are interested in meeting locals or fellow travelers during a trip or while you’re studying abroad, or finding a “trip buddy” so you don’t have to travel alone, Tripmates gets you connected before you depart. Plus, as a Tripmates member you can create Trip Blogs and Trip Albums to share your travel adventures. Planning a trip? Tripmates doesn’t only feature reviews about everything from places to skydive to places to party, but we allow members to ask the reviewer directly for more information. You can even organize group trips with our Tripvite feature. Tripmates is revolutionizing how you travel. I encourage you to check it out.

Please let me know if I can provide additional information.


Sam Rogoway

Tripmates adventure guide

3. rycher - 2006 July 10

Hey Jen!! Jason talked me into getting a site here…I know, I’m so influenced by my husband. :-P Anyway…you need to call me so that we can get together before you leave me for a year! Besides, I was hoping you could pack me into one of your suitcases…but I just don’t see that happening darn it. :-(


4. Robert Pitts - 2006 July 10

God resa, Jennifer!

“Sjung om studentens lyckliga dag
låtom oss fröjdas i ungdoms vår!
Än klappar hjärtat med friska slag
och den ljusnande framtid är vår.

Inga stormar än i våra sinnen bo
hoppet är vår vän, och vi dess löften tro
när vi knyta förbund i den lund
där de härliga lagrarna gro
där de härliga lagrarna gro!

– Studentsången, Herman Sätherberg, 1851

5. Adam Snoq - 2006 August 16

Good Luck Jen!
I know you’ll do great and have a wonderful time.

6. Paul - 2006 September 9

I was looking online to see if I could find a place to buy a bike and I came across your website. I NEED A BIKE. I’m also an exchange student studying in uppsala. How do I find those people? Hope you love this place as much as me!

7. maria - 2006 December 13

hey!i was looking on line to check out the web in which there are the photos of the nights in the nations and i’ve found your blog!
i’m an italian girl , exchange student for 1 year as you!i’m living in flogsta!
my name is maria, nice to meet you!

8. Nicola Cacciani - 2009 November 18

I´m an italian physician and post-doc researcher. I will stay in Uppsala with my wife until the end of May, so we need an accomodation, for exemple a small apartment (2 rooms).
Someone knows about this problem?

9. mehdi - 2010 July 7

it’s me mehdi har are u ??

10. Sylvester - 2011 April 5


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