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Q. I’m wanting to study abroad. Why do you think Sweden is a good choice?

A. Ah, lovely question. Sweden is a great choice for many reasons.

Language is a really good reason, for starters. Most people here speak English, so that’s good for people who already speak English and don’t want to take courses in another language. Sure, that’s not much of a challenge, I know; however, there’s the opportunity to learn Swedish as an exchange student. For people whose first language is not English, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn more English. Speaking English with other people who speak English as a second language puts the language at a more reasonable level, but you’ll find that Swedes are really good with English and I think that helps any less-advanced English learner quite a lot.

Travel is another reason. Sure, Sweden isn’t in the middle of Europe. But it’s not difficult anymore to fly around Europe for good prices, and in some cases it’s cheaper than taking trains! I don’t recommend RyanAir that much anymore, but it’s not a bad deal for anyone who is willing to risk a little for a lower cost. I recommend Sterling.dk and Scandinavian Airlines a whole lot more. It’s entirely possible to go to lots and lots of places when living in Sweden. I know people who went as far as Turkey and Croatia, while I stuck to a few select places that I’d been looking forward to, like the UK, Copenhagen, France and Helsinki.

Sweden is a really good place to study if you are studying political science or international affairs. Swedish politicians have a long history of world involvement and interesting political issues.

Also, if you’re really into nature and clean air, Sweden’s a great place.

Q. Where the heck is Uppsala?

A. Uppsala is located about a 45-minute train or car ride north of Stockholm. That’s on the east coast.

Q. I’m studying in Sweden! Help me out with…

I’m still under construction!



1. David - 2008 March 4

Should I go to Lund or Uppsala ?

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